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How many of us have a magnetic key holder under the fender of our cars for that spare key?


Probably more than actually should be. Grabbing our keys and heading out for a drive is an auto-pilot routine that we are all familiar with.

Locking our keys in our own car or vehicle is also something that most of us would have done at least once. When it happens, we call our road assistance or related automotive company, or a locksmith.

Some people even take matters on their own hand – using a form of wire and then break in into our own cars. If it is that easy for those of us not trained in car theft, imagine how easy it is for actual car thieves.

Automotive Locksmiths
According to the latest figures, car theft is up by a staggering 19% from 2015 to 2016.

As unfortunate as this news is, we have to take precautionary actions – here are some friendly tips on keeping your vehicle/car safe:

  • Always lock your car and ensure windows are fully closed even when parked at home.
  • Do not hide a spare key in or on your car – it won’t be as well hidden as you think it is.
  • Park your car in well-lit streets at night or in secured areas.
  • If your car does not come with an immobilizer, install an after-market product that meets the American Standards.
  • Do not invite unwanted attention to your car by leaving your valuables in plain sight.
  • Always secure your keys at home and do not leave them hanging on a hook just inside the door. It is easy for thieves to reach in and take them.

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